Telling the Stories That Have Been Ignored Too Long.

We need to listen. We need to change. We need a reckoning.

Black&Gifted: Elevating Black Stories & Experiences

A visit to blackandgiftedblog.com and you’ll find dozens of stories on a host of issues and topics from a diverse group of Black voices. There’s fitness tips, profiles on local musical talent and artists, interviews with young entrepreneurs, thoughts on Black Lives Matter from a biracial writer, advice to repurpose your screen time and much […]

Racism in the South

White people tend to deal with racism in the abstract. We choose not to humanize those who bear its effects, because it’s too uncomfortable.  It occurs. It’s horrible. It’s rare. That’s typically the extent to which we acknowledge it. If we want things to change, we’ll need to do more. We’ll need to listen to […]

Jimmy Warren: Moving Arkansas Forward

If Jimmy Warren is out in public and sees a white woman walking toward him, he immediately moves to the opposite side. “It is ingrained in me to get on the opposite side to avoid conflict,” he said. “You’re always anxious, always conscious of what could happen and you work to avoid the misconceptions, because […]

Telling the Stories That Have Been Ignored Too Long.


Dixie Reckoning shares the stories and experiences of minority voices that have been ignored, silenced and diminished for too long.

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